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New Builds Owen Sound

Scenic City’s growth has been at a standstill for a little too long, but with an abundance of new builds Owen Sound is well on its way to catching up on neighboring towns like Collingwood, Southampton and Port Elgin.

Flato Group is breaking ground on its Greystone Village project in the summer of 2023.

The Benefits of New Builds
Owen Sound Has Been Waiting For:

Modern amenities: New builds often come with modern amenities such as energy-efficient appliances, updated plumbing and electrical systems, and smart home technology. This can make them more comfortable and convenient to live in.

Customization: If you buy a new build before construction is complete, you may be able to customize some aspects of the home, such as finishes, fixtures, and layout. This can help you create a living space that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Reduced maintenance costs: New builds typically require less maintenance than older homes, as they are built with newer materials and systems that are less likely to break down or require repairs.

Energy efficiency: New builds are often designed with energy efficiency in mind, which can save you money on utility bills over time. They may feature energy-efficient windows, insulation, and HVAC systems, among other things.

Warranty: New builds typically come with a warranty that covers defects and other issues that may arise during the first few years of ownership. This can provide peace of mind and help you save money on repairs.

Owen Sound’s Economic Outlook:

Prior to 2021, the economic outlook for Owen Sound was generally positive.

The city had a low unemployment rate, which was lower than the national average, and had seen growth in the manufacturing and tourism sectors.

The manufacturing sector, in particular, had been a key driver of economic growth, with a number of local companies producing products ranging from industrial machinery to food products.

Overall, while the economic outlook for Owen Sound is subject to various factors that may impact the economy, the city has a diversified economy and a range of assets that position it well for continued growth and development.

Check out what’s happening in Owen Sound’s startup scene here.

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